While many apps are free or only cost a few dollars, some more powerful apps can creep up in price. Thankfully, the Microsoft Store features frequent sales. This week you can save big on an audio editor, photo editor, note-taking app, screenshot tool, and more.

Editing photos

PhotoDirector 10 Ultra

PhotoDirector 10 Ultra is a powerful photo editor that can handle anything from removing duplicate items and beautifying photos to editing full 360-degree images. It's usually $100 so you can save $30 this week. It's on sale until February 23.

$70 at Microsoft

Editing audio

AudioDirector 9 Ultra

This app is a dedicated audio editor that allows you to remove hissing noises, correct audio, add audio effects, and perform a number of other professional edits. It's great for basic edits and more power-hungry audio edits. It usually retails for $130 so the sale price of $91 makes it one of the largest sales in the Microsoft Store this week. It's on sale until February 23.

$91 at Microsoft

Taking notes


Penbook provides a blank canvas that you can use to write down notes, sketch ideas, and organize your thoughts. You can organize your notes into personalized notebooks and can use different types of stationary such as sheet music or graphing paper to create your notes. It's usually $20 but is on sale for $10 until February 22.

$10 at Microsoft

Capturing your screen


Screentik is a lightweight screen capturing tool. It supports multiple formats including JPEG, PNG, and PDF and can be controlled with hotkeys. It stays in the notification center so it's never far from reach and has some handy features like being able to choose the DPI you'd like a screen captured in. It's on sale for $3 until March 2. That's over 70 percent off its normal price of $10.

$3 at Microsoft

Enjoying media

Sonca Media player

Sonca is a modern media player with support for a number of different media formats. You can use it to watch videos, listen to music, or listen to audiobooks across all of your Window devices. It's available on Windows 10, Xbox One, HoloLens, and more for $1. It's usually $10 so the current sale saves you 90 percent.

$1 at Microsoft

Playing media

Scorpio Player

Scorpio Player is a sophisticated media player that's available on Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox One. It has an incredible feature list that includes streaming from a variety of sources and controlling the media player with your phone. At 80 percent off, this is one of the largest sales in the Microsoft Store right now.

$3 at Microsoft

The Microsoft Store has at least a few good apps on sale just about every week. One of the best deals this week is Sonca which is 90 percent off and a solid media player. AudioDirector9 is the largest sale in terms of dollars off featured this week and is a bargain compared to its normal retail price.

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